11. 5. 2020

Visit museums and gallery

Prohlídka Moser

Jan Becher Museum – here you will get acquainted with the history of the world-famous liqueur, look into the secrets of its production and, of course, taste it from the thirteenth spring of Karlovy Vary.

The Moser Visitor Center will introduce you to the production of glass used by many royal families throughout Europe and beyond. You will walk through the smelter, try to blow into the glass-making whistle and see hand-painting and grinding of glass.

Karlovy Vary Museum  – there you will look into the history of the city and discover everything from the beginning of the city and its spa.

Christmas House, which is a Czech rarity. In this house, which is located in the beautiful premises of the chateau in Doubí, Christmas never ends. Even in the middle of summer, you will be surrounded by a Christmas atmosphere and everything connected with this most important holiday.

The Art Gallery regularly organizes cultural and educational events