Luxusní večeře v restauraci hotelu Promenáda


The concept of the restaurant is in the spirit of international cuisine, perhaps more with an emphasis on French gastronomy. It’s the chef’s love :).


The heart of the kitchen is the ower itself Mr. Pazderka, a trained chef who has worked at GH Pupp as a maitre de hotel in a French restaurant since graduation and has successfully participated in several national competitions. He now compiles a menu and recipes and works exclusively with fresh ingredients.

He is also a wine connoisseur and together with his son he provides not only domestic production from the family winery of his nephew Stanislav of Bořetice, but also wines from all over the world.

The level of the restaurant is evidenced by many awards and evaluations not only of domestic clients, but also of world stars who were our guests on the occasion of the International film festival.


Daily menu

Carpaccio of sirloin, herb pesto 245,- CZK
Oysters Fine de Clare/ 1pc , shallot vinaigrette 119,- CZK
Beefsteak a la Tartar 489,- CZK
Fallow deer with Cumberland sauce 180,- CZK
Smoked trout fillet, horseradish remoulade 199,- CZK
Pumpkin soup, pumpkin oil, chili 150,- CZK
Fish soup 180,- CZK
„Foie gras“ – goose liver, potato spaghetti, glazed apple, flambé 530,- CZK
Fresh mushroom variation 299,- CZK
Snails Bourguignon 240,- CZK
King prawns grillied with garlic sauce 390,- CZK
Rabbit fillets on bacon with onion, garlic and crispy vegetables 399,- CZK
Lamb ragout, summer truffles, tagliolini 599,- CZK
Veal cheeks on white wine, couscous and mushroom pud 499,-
Roast quail, stuffing, vegetables, mashed potatoes 520,- CZK
French lamb rack, herbs, vegetables, mashed potatoes 670,- CZK
Veal Saltimbocca, couscous with vegetables, spinach 490,- CZK
Rib eye steak, vegetables, gratin potatoes (300g) 850,- CZK
Peppersteak chasseur – steak of beef-fillet, with fresh champignons, Choron sauce and pepper corn, flambé 630,- CZK
Roast duck, red/white cabbage, dumpling 370,- CZK
Saddle of fallow deer, badian sauce, vegetables 530,- CZK
Fish according to daily menu 490 - 700,- CZK
Crepes Suzettes Royal – fine pancakes with fruit, ice cream, flambé    350,- CZK
Panna Cotta, raspberry sorbet 210,- CZK
Variations of french cheese, fig marmalade 320,- CZK
Plum dumplings, poppy seeds 190,- CZK
Warm plum pastries 190,- CZK

Opening hours Mo-Fri 12:00 - 23:00 h Sa-Sun 12:00 - 23:00 h

Reservation +420 353 225 648, +420 353 236 641

What the guests say about us?

Probably the best restaurant in Karlovy Vary

OK, so I haven’t eaten at every place in Karlovy Vary, but I’m quite confident that Promenada is as good as you can get.

Walking in off the street, without a reservation, hoping for a spare table for dinner we were ready to be turned away. But no, we were warmly welcomed and every effort was made to set up a table for us, with minimal fuss and inconvenience to other diners. Great start.

While never being a fan of French cooking, or French restaurants, Promenada made me think twice about my previous experiences, and that I probably have just had isolated bad dining experiences – mostly in England (ha!). The service was as good as anywhere I have been – friendly, cheerful, positive and very helpful with suggestions of wine and drinks, and with detailed information about the dishes on offer. (Multilingual too).

The starter of smoked trout served with a horseradish-infused mayonnaise. So light, so good. For mains we had veal scallop and rabbit with bacon and garlic. My pictures don’t show how well prepared these dishes were, nor how well balanced they both tasted, but wow… they were on point. I’m also not a fan of a loaded plate, and prefer the popular way of presenting meals by building the dish upwards, but this is all forgotten as we sat there slowly demolishing of dinners, with only an occasional moan of satisfaction escaping our lips. Brilliant cooking.

We had a good chat with the dining staff about wine selections, and opted for a bottle from the owners’ vineyard. Very reasonably priced and a perfect accompaniment to both our dishes. We also let our waiter talk us into sharing the strawberry dumplings for dessert, along with a hruškovice that they had matured in an oak-barrel so it had developed a creamy flavour and taken some edge of the harshness off similar store-bought Czech alcoholic beverages. Highly recommended.

Can’t praise the crew at Promenada any higher.

Phil, 12/07/2020, TripAdvisor

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